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Muskrat Hunting, Greenland

Hunting possibility in Greenland

Winter hunting 1. March – 10. April


4 hunting days


Located 50 kms from Kangerlussuaq to south-west.


Caribou / Muskox

Hunting in Autumn from July to August

6 days journey, 4 days hunting


  1. day: transfer to the camp

2.-5. day: hunting alround the camp

  1. day: transfer to Kangerlussuaq
  2. day flying to home

This is a typically traditional hunting, hard and stressful which means that there are long distances, the hunter travels more than winter.

The succesfull of the Musk hunt is 95%, most of its mature. The hunter has to be stayer and strong for the transit of 35 – 45 kg trophies. 

All these things this extreme hunting is offered for well-trained hunters. 

Weather: about -10 °C at night, plus 5- 10 °C in the day.

In the evening – as winter – musk and caribou steak, some coffee, tea and some beer and whiskey waits for dinner. 


2-5 days hunting


- 10 °C at night


5-10 °C in the day

Vadászati csomagok Grönlandon
vadászat Grönlandon
Vadászat Grönlandon
Grönlandi Vadászlehetőségek

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